"They say I speak into this and you hear me and speak back. Speak! I hear later. Maybe get back to you."

Misheemnekuru, Liglim, Sunday Fandom-Time
Blind Seer proved less able to read the notes taken by the various maimalodalum than he had hoped. Although the wolf had come to comprehend an astonishing amount about how various signs stood for sounds, and how those sounds in turn fit together to represent words, his wolf's eyes were not made to focus for long at such a short distance.

Within a short time, it became evident that having the various scribes read their notes to Firekeeper and Blind Seer would be far more efficient than the pair attempting to decipher them on their own.Collapse )
[ooc: establishy, and taken from "Wolf's Blood".]

Nexus Islands and Beyond, Friday Fandom-Time
say what?
They'd been researching human tales for weeks now, and getting no closer to any sort of answers. It had been Blind Seer who'd finally suggested seeking out the tales of the yarimaimalom on the mainland; their people had been around for the Fire Plague, but unlike the humans, had remained untouched by it. Perhaps their stories might have more useful information.

"Going back to your forests, Lady Firekeeper?" the woman keeping watch over the Gate to the New World asked, in her halting, accented Liglimosh.

"Going there. Will come back in three days. Not today in count. Three days after this one."

"About what time?" the woman, Kalyndra, asked.

Tell her dawn of the fourth day, Blind Seer suggested. This will give us a little more time, without inconveniencing them. Firekeeper translated this, and Kalyndra seemed to understand. That settled, she got to work on the spell needed to open the gate.

In their night of running, Firekeeper and Blind Seer crossed the territories of several packs and visited with them.Collapse )

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The Preserve to the Nexus Islands, Friday Morning Fandom-Time
Every day for the past five days, Firekeeper and Blind Seer had set out from the dorms, a small bag with everything Firekeeper considered worth taking back slung over her shoulder. It wasn't much; a few knives she'd been given as gifts, the Jedi holocron from Tahiri, the hairclip from Francine... even the dress Katniss's friend Cinna had sent for her to wear to a dance once.

Anyway, for five days the pair of wolves had gone out to the Preserve, spending most of the day walking through the trees, hoping to stumble across a portal back to the Nexus Islands. And for five days they'd had no luck at all, coming back to the dorms with a sense of frustration.

Today, though, as they walked the forest seemed to changeCollapse )
[ooc: and the wolves are off-island! anyone who thinks they got a message definitely did! some dialogue/narrative lifted from Jane Lindskold's Wolf's Blood.]

Another part of the Preserve, Sunday Late Afternoon
tamara - exploring
The party was great fun, certainly, but a little overwhelming for someone from a small mountain settlement.

And so after eating her fill of strange sweets, Tamara had slipped off into the woods of the Preserve with her wolf-puppy friend at her heels. This wasn't at all a proper hunt- she wasn't really hungry, after all- but mostly an excuse to explore.

"Do you think the animals are awake after their winter sleep yet?" she whispered to her other, human-shaped companion.

[ooc: for the tiny roommate, but open if anyone else would have reason to be wandering the woods.]

The Preserve, Friday Afternoon
Firekeeper really should listen to the radio more often. If she had, she'd know that something strange was going on.

Although the missing patches of Preserve were a bit of a clue.

Unfortunately she didn't have too much time to ponder what it all meant, before there was yet another missing patch of Preserve as well as two missing wolves.

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with blind seer [book cover]

- Was raised by wolves. Yes, literally. This means she can speak to beasts of all kinds. I usually use italics to denote when this is happening, following the convention in the books, but radio squirrels are completely welcome to understand what's being said since, well. Squirrels are beasts!
- Is probably about 18. Nobody knows for sure, but her friend Doc guessed her age to be about 14 when she first came to live with humans.
- Has unique grammar. She'll try and speak 'properly' if someone has difficulty understanding her, but otherwise will use the least amount of effort/words possible to get her point across.
- Will introduce herself as "Blysse" (the name given to her by the human family that officially adopted her) but in narrative will use the name "Firekeeper", which she considers her true name. I apologize in advance for any confusion this may cause!
- Does not wear shoes, except during winter when she'll concede that boots are superior to getting frostbite on her feet.
- Is rather pale, and possesses a multitude of scars across her arms/legs. Product of growing up in the wild.
- Does not have superhuman senses, but has trained these to the best of human ability. Her sense of smell and hearing, especially, are a lot keener than your average teenager's- mostly because she's been trained in how to recognize things like what fear smells like.
- Is a lot stronger than she looks.
- Is only allowed to kill bandits and not, say, roommates or pet cats. Is glad her roommate seems to finally believe this.
- Still doesn't entirely trust magic, but has learned to acknowledge its usefulness, as well as trust a few individual magic users.
- Is usually accompanied by a very large, blue-eyed wolf named Blind Seer, who gets his own bullet points.

Blind Seer:

- Is huge. Not as large as Jacob, but easily twice as large as your average wolf. Or half-wolf (Sorry Diefenbaker!).
- Has blue eyes. This is how he got his name; puppies are born blue-eyed and blind, and as they mature their eyes change to the more common amber. Blind Seer's eyes never changed, but he can see perfectly well.
- Is extremely intelligent. He understands everything you say to/around him, and can even read a few simple words/phrases.
- Has a wolf's sense of smell, which is better than yours. Yes, yours. ...Well, okay, no, probably not yours, Angua. If your character is quietly bleeding out but attempting to conceal it? He can tell. If your character is scared/ecstatic/lying? He can also tell. If there's anything you ever don't want him to notice, ping me and we'll figure something out.
- Is a sorceror and also in complete denial about this. Like, denial so heavy that if you're inclined to sense magic, you probably won't. This may change at some point in the future.

The Preserve, Wednesday Evening
with blind seer [book cover]
Graduation had come and gone...Collapse )

[ooc: preplayed with the fabulous bitch_prince, who is usually much better looking. NFI, NFB, No Purchase Necessary, Offer Void Where Prohibited.]

Quiet Corner of the Park, Sunday Afternoon
looking far away
As good as it was to see Sapphire and Edlin again, all these large gatherings in short succession were beginning to fray Firekeeper's nerves somewhat. So she'd escaped to a quiet corner of the park to be alone with her thoughts- truly alone, as it turned out, since the massive quantities of food this morning had made Blind Seer hungry, and so off he'd gone to hunt a few rabbits.

[ooc: for ooooone.]

Room 221, Wednesday After Classes
The cats- Muffin and Lady- had at some point decided to ignore cautiously tolerate their new wolfy roommates, and were curled up on Angela's bed.

Angela was sure to be pleased to know that as soon as they arrived, Blind Seer headed for his side of the room, thank you.

Firekeeper, meanwhile, went for her (little used) desk and dug out the holo with the Jedi stories, letting a random file play. Much like Darkest Night, she'd missed being able to do this. And it was a good way of distracting herself from thoughts of the Meddler, and what his favor might be- or when he'd show up to request it.

The door was open!

[ooc: expecting a barefoot buddy and a blonde canary, if they'd like!]


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